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PVC Pipe Turbine

This is the diagram for another small wind turbine design.  The purpose of this design is to model a functioning wind generator and show that it can be made of parts from a neighborhood hardware store.  More photos to come.

Interested in generating your own power? We found these links to be helpful.

Until we get it up and running, enjoy these links!

Northern Arizona wind and sun - Good place to shop, and has good information about the equipment they sell.  Check out their deep cycle battery FAQ

General information on why you would or wouldn't want to go with solar: Insolation, system components, and system sizing.

Good place to buy solar panels online. good tech support.

History of the electric power industry from the Edison Electric Institute

Simulation of the limit of usable power in wind

Simple furling design for a wind turbine

How to make wooden blades

Burden Surplus Center (motors, bearings, etc)

Basics of wind power systems

Good description of a home-built turbine

Another description of a home-buildable turbine